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Proof Reading
Proofreading is done at the final stage of a manuscript where detail-oriented language experts check the text for typos and basic grammatical and spelling errors.
Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on NA
Basic Editing
Basic editing or copy editing involves an editor going through the manuscript line by line and cleaning up grammatical, phrasing and punctuation errors. *Should the work need a lot of editing, its better to avail the extensive editing service.
Add On Add On Add On Upto 40000 Upto 40000 Upto 60000
Extensive Editing
Extensive editing is a collaborative process between the author and the editor. In addition to one round of basic editing, this service includes editorial inputs and work on plot, narrative, thoughtflow, structure characterization, description, etc.
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Basic Cover Design
A successful book cover needs to make a reader ‘feel’ the manuscript rather than ‘tell’ about it. Let our designers create a cover for your book from pre-set stock images.
Customized Cover Design
An attractive front cover and informative back cover captures the essence of the content within, go a long way in enhancing the saleability of a book. The customized cover designs are developed from the authors brief to achieve their vision of the cover, with creative inputs from our designers to make it work.
Add-on Add-on Yes Yes Yes Yes
Standard Pagination
For most books we recommend our standard pagination services, where the matter has flowing text with which is essentially called, flow text. The same is pre-standardised to book readers and suit the size and genre of the book.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customized Pagination
For books which need customized page making, if the standard templates dont work out or may have images to be inserted within text.
Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Digital Proof
The final version of the book in PDF format, along with cover pages and inside pages. The book will be a printed version of the same.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ISBN + Bar Coding
The international Standard Book Number (ISBN) is the unique identifier of a published book. An ISBN is assigned to each edition and variation/format (except reprintings) of a book.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Copyright Registration
As per most copyright laws globally, if you have created something unique as an art form, you own the copyrights of the same. Once the same is brought to the public domain, it establishes your copyright over the material. While that being the case, one may seek to register her/his copyright with a copyright registering authority as per the laws of your land. The process takes 6-8 months to be completed.
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The file is converted to all key ebook versions like ePub, mobi, etc to ensure it is enabled for sale on all leading ebook retail platforms.
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Make your book light, compact and easily transportable by printing it in the paperback format.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
eBook Distribution
The ebook is then listed for sales on various ebook retail platforms with all key details like cover, price, ISBN and other metadata. The listing is partially direct and partially via some distributors for a wider availability.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
INDIA + INTERNATIONAL Online Distribution (Paperback)
The paperback books are listed on all key ecommerce retailers. The listing data is checked and validated. The book is now
ready to be purchased from these ecommerce sites.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Retail Distribution
Distribute your book in physical stores across the country.
Add-On Add-On Add-On 5 10 20
Author Advance Copy
The first copy made by the printer digitally. The same is to ensure the author likes the quality of the paper used both for cover and inside pages.
No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Author Complimentary Copies
The copies are printed per the package chosen. Mostly printing is done digitally which allows for lower print runs.
No 10 20 30 30 30
Bulk Printing
Where the print run is substantial, we use offset printing. While in cases where the quantity is higher than a few thousands, we use web offset printing technology. This entirely depends on the requirement of the author.
Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Listing on Bibliographic Databases
The book is listed on all key Bibliographic
databases like Nielsens BookScan & Bowkers to ensure retailers across the globe can easily find access to your work.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google & Amazon Search Program
This enables Google, Amazon, and other book search engines to easily spot your book in search results.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Book Previews
“This enables retailers (both paperback and ebooks) to keep a restricted amount of the book available as a sample for readers to browse through.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discount Coupon
Set up promotional offers for your book on the BSC website to increase your sales. Create discount coupons and share with prospective buyers for a limited time period.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Author Promotions (BSC handles)
We will assist the AUTHOR to (1) Send email to his connects, announcing of the release of his book along with the details of the Discount Coupon. (2) Promote Author’s video message on Social Media Handles.
NA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Marketing Collaterals
We will design the marketing collaterals that can be used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp.
NA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Setup – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Set up your author profile accounts on popular social media platforms like FB, Instagram and Twitter under the guidance of our experts.
NA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Author Page Set up – Amazon and Goodreads
Set up your author page on Amazon and Goodreads with the help of our experts.
NA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Amazon Prime Placement
Get your books listed on Amazon Prime qualifying them for free shipping.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Amazon Sponsored Ads
Boost your book’s visibility among bestsellers on the Amazon platform. This campaign is budget driven and is charged per click.
Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on 30 Days 30 Days
Social Media marketing – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Ad Campaign
This includes creation of 1 creative for ad campaign which will be boosted for a period of 30 days.
Add-On Add-On Add-On 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
GIF creation – For book reveals
Get the perfect book reveal GIF for your work. Share easily with friends and family on whatsapp and social media to increase visibility.
Add-On Add-On Yes Yes Yes Yes
Book Video Trailer – BASIC
A professional video trailer made to intrigue your reader or taking your books message to the world, helps you get new readers for the book. Videos can be easily shared via mobile, social media and video broadcasting sites making it easy to spread the video to various domains organically. We produce videos with relevant footage available in public domain or purchased, including music and basic graphics all customized for your book.
Add-On Add-On Add-On Yes Yes Yes
Author Website – BASIC
We help you create a professional website, especially geared up for authors. Beyond the design and IT support needed, we also help you with the formation of the content. We have researched several hundreds of author websites worldwide, which helps us give consultation on how to make yours an international standard author website.
Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Yes Yes
Online Press Release
We make an online press release about your book, important milestones about the book, etc. and ensure enough media outlets carry them.
Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Yes
Consumer/Blogger Review
Consumer/Blogger reviews are most important for the book as most people make their purchase decisions post checking what other readers are saying about the book. Our program manages to work with 20 consumer/bloggers for reviews.
Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On 10
Social Media Management
Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On
Marketing Collaterals / Print Marketing Kit – bookmarks, visiting cards, posters (50 each)
We help design and print customized marketing collaterals like bookmarks, authors visiting cards, posters, etc.
Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Yes
Online Book Launches
Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On
Video Trailers – Customized Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On
Author Website – Customized Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On
Book Event @ Bookstore With PR
For events which have a celebrity, we enable the event with a strong PR effort to help garner maximum media at the event and get maximum coverage for it in the media.
Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On
Media Reviews
We manage your media relationships for product reviews (i.e. book reviews). Post understanding your book, we create a list inclusive of media most suitable for the book and the ones most likely to review the book. We share the list with you and post your approval send the books to the relevant journalists in those media houses. Post-dispatch of the books we follow up to the request and also follow up for the books reviews. We manage 15 media houses under this program.
Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On
Offline Press Release
Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On
Sales Reporting
The sales reports are sent on a monthly basis straight to your inbox.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Royalties Payment
The royalty payments are made quarterly.
70% 70% 70% 70% 70% 70%
Non- Exclusive Contract
The author is free to close the contract or enter into more contracts(s) for the work, without any restriction whatsoever.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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