Key Features of our Book Editing Services

At we make sure our Editing Services help enhance every manuscript we work on with several key features:

  • Genre Specific Editor

    We will provide an editor as per the genre of the work.

  • Choice of Language format

    We will provide an editor as per the genre of the work.

  • Content Curing

    Our Editors, with their knowledge and expertise in language, story-telling, book creation and stylistic elements will add to the    readability of the work.

  • Choice of Editing Style Manual

    You may choose from popular style manuals such as the Chicago Style manual or the Oxford Style guide. We can also help in recommending the best editing style for your work.

  • Regional Colloquialisms

    For the fast growing community of Indian Authors and readers, our editors keep in mind the colloquialisms widely used and accepted in India as well.

  • Proofreading

    Our proofreaders help in reducing those pesky typos and inadvertent grammatical errors.

Different manuscripts need different levels of editorial attention. At we have made sure our book editing services are able to do justice to every manuscript type.

Basic Book Editing Package

₹0.6 Per Word

This package is custom built for manuscripts which just need polishing to rectify its grammatical flow. As part of this package, the Editor will:

  • 1) Scrutinize the manuscript and clean up grammatical, phrasing and punctuation errors.
  • 2) Rewrite a few words, if necessary, while maintaining the uniformity of the house style.
  • 3) Eliminate spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar usage, repetitions, clichés and unnecessary jargon.
  • 4) Maintain polished uniformity of tone, writing style, voice, sentence structure and phrasing.

Proofreading Package

₹0.5 Per Word

Before a book is printed, proofreading is the final step. Effective proofreading ensures that detail-oriented language experts check the text for typos and basic grammatical errors. Herein, the proofreader will:

  • 1) Rectify spelling errors, grammatical errors, incorrect usage of language and other simple errors.
  • 2) Ensure that the appearance of the book is uniform and pleasing.
  • 3) Ensure that the style sheet has been faithfully followed.

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